What Are the Best House Slippers for Hardwood Floors?

best slippers for hardwood floors
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We have gotten a lot of questions about the importance of wearing the right house slippers for hardwood floors. It isn’t surprising that so many people are concerned about finding the right footwear if they want to protect their wooden floors from wear.

Why You Need the Right House Slippers to Protect Your Hardwood Flooring

The worst enemies of parquet and floating floors are shoes and street shoes. They have little stones stuck to their soles, chewing gum and dirt that is both sticky and sharp, dangerous edges in the case of heels and water when it rains or they clean the streets. All of these things can cause a lot of damage to the hardwood floors that you spent so much time installing.

This is why you need to make sure that you wear the right slippers. Your floors will last a lot longer if you have slippers that minimize abrasions to the surface.

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Wearing the Right Slippers is Crucial to Protecting Your Hardwood Floors

You have probably heard lots of tips on preserving your hardwood floors. You have heard that It’s best to take your shoes off as soon as you walk in the door and enjoy your floor in walking shoes, socks or on your own pinreles, if it’s not already cold. If you resist this practice, at least put a good mat at the door and make everyone aware to use it.

Unfortunately, you may have times that you can’t walk barefoot. This means that you may wear shoes at times, which can gradually wear your floors down. Fortunately, you can save your floors by wearing the following slippers instead.

Parquet’ Berevere

If you have a delicate floor where you need your footprints to be light and not stain, these are the shoes you need. They are great for the winter months, because they are very comfortable and warm. They also have a very warm hair texture.

Besides, they have three little stars as decoration in several colors. The sole is microporous, very light and has a small 3 cm wedge, which benefits the natural way of walking. It is a product made in Spain with the best materials to walk comfortably at home!

Unbuttoned parquet wool slippers

This semi-closed house slipper in knitted fabric, special textile sole for parquet and floating platforms. It does not scratch the floor and is very warm. It is made in Spain by Marpen Slippers.

Parquet lock

This closed home slipper is made with soft and warm wool fabric and a non-slip sole that does not point to the wooden floor and parquet, sewn sole.

Slippers that Clean Your Hardwood Floors!

Some slippers are even great for cleaning your home while you walk!

Cleaning our house can become a very heavy and above all very tiring task. Fortunately, there are ways to make this easier. We can show you how you can keep your house clean, in a fun way. You have to try these interesting slippers. You will want to get them right away. While you are at it, you may also want to buy some for your family so that everyone will keep the floor clean!

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Slipper Genie Microfiber

 You can use these slippers as a dusting tool while you walk! They are great for most hardwood floor surfaces as well. They fit 3 different shoe sizes.

 MareLight with Chanille Fibers

These slippers have fluffy microfiber toes on the soles. They are comfortable, practical and durable. They are perfect for wood, tile and vinyl floors to collect dirt.

Microfiber Chenille Slippers

These shoes are made with removable Velcro. They are easy to clean, water absorbent and quiet.

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