Door Knobs Vs. Handles – What To Choose?

Door Knobs

If you are on the verge of planning a home renovation, there is one small detail that you might have overlooked. Enter – door hardware, the most underrated element of home renovation in Australia!

Maybe you have bought a new door that comes with pre-installed door handles. Or, perhaps you are looking for a door knob to match the aesthetics of your home. Either way, researching the same may have confused you about the two.

Would you like to know the differences and usages to clear your doubts? Read on.

What is the crucial difference between door knobs and handles?

The most common similarity between these two products is their functionality. Both of them help in the closing or opening of doors. However, the critical difference lies in their anatomy.

The convenience and shape vary drastically due to the multiple design options available. Even though both help enhance the overall style of your home, still the décor will differ.

So, why is that? Ideally, door handles are levers and look elongated compared to door knobs that are rounded in shape.

At the same time, the handles are easy to operate and effortlessly open the door, unlike door knobs which can be tricky at times. Therefore, physically challenged people would find the former convenient. Apart from this difference, the handles have a traditional essence, whereas knobs get influenced by simple and modern décor.

Did you know? Even if the Australian wholesale revenue of this industry falls by 3.4% in 2022, the functionality of these products remains the same.

How to choose the best door hardware for your home?

A handle for your door would be a viable option based on the comparison done. However, to get an aesthetic finish, you must consider these factors.

  • Measure your door
  • Choose the hardware and the lockset
  • Remember to coordinate your style with functionality

These three simple steps would help you choose a finish expertly crafted to meet your demands.

Can you replace the knobs on your door with a handle?

Even though the knobs would be a good addition, handles would be an economical option. Installing this door hardware would give your doors a fresh appearance coupled with elegance and modernity.

Are you ready to replace the knobs with handles during the renovation? Then, remember to consider the following aspects:

  • Lever’s position
  • Backset measurement
  • The thickness of the door
  • Size of the hole or the bore

You can also compare the keys for locks with the doors you have installed. This way, you are assured of getting the best safety and hardware in Australia.

Are there any rules to choosing door hardware?

To ensure the perfect satisfaction from your door handles, follow these rules:

  • Look for consistency
  • Ensure there is split finishing
  • Blend the styles with your doors
  • Match them with the hinges

Even if there are no set rules to follow, these design aspects are crucial. Therefore, consider them, and everything will be in line to your preferences and style.

The bottom line

One of the crucial elements hidden in the essence of home renovation is using the right kinds of door handles or knobs.

Though both feature the same functionality they still differ in their anatomy. Even if door knobs are convenient, the handles are much more accessible.

At the same time, both door hardware options could blend well with modern and contemporary décor. However, choosing the one for your home might get tricky, so remember coordinating the style with functionality.

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