Enjoying London on a Budget After the COVID-19 Crisis

travelling to London on shoestring budget
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Are you planning a trip to London after the coronavirus crisis ends? You are probably looking for tips to save money during your stay, because London is such an expensive place to visit.

This article is exactly what you need! We will share the best tricks that most travelers don’t know, which will help you cut costs on your London holiday. Do you know the Meal Deal? Do you know what a charity shop is? What about capping? All these tips will help you save money traveling to London.

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London, the most expensive city in the world

According to statistics, London is one of the most expensive destinations in the world. Surprisingly, a vacation in the UK capital is more expensive than in New York or Hong Kong. The most expensive things in London are transport, food and shopping. However, if you know how to organize all of them you can save money. Accommodation is one of the most expensive things about traveling to London, which is why we have developed a whole article just to talk about this. Here you will find information about the best places to stay in London.

The fact that it is expensive should not be a reason to deprive you of getting to enjoy it since there are many ways to save money and have a great time in London. Here are some of the things you can do to cut costs on your trip to London.


Traveling on London’s public transport is very easy, but it is also one of the ways in which we lose a lot of money. Learning how to save on this can be a great starting point for making money last longer on holiday.

In order to save on transport, you should buy your tickets well in advance. To give you an idea, a normal train ticket from Stansted to London that is bought in advance can save you more than 65%. The same goes for the other airports. This means that if you secure your ticket for this journey well in advance, you will start saving money before you arrive in London. If you want to know all the means of transport available to make the transfers to the airport click here.

The subway is another thing you can save money on. Instead of buying a single ticket you can get the Oyster Card which will cost you less for the ride. In addition, with the Oyster Card you cannot spend more than £6.60 a day, as there is “capping”, which stipulates a maximum daily spending of £6.6 (zones 1 and 2). This means that if you have spent £6.6 in one day, the next trips you make will be free. Also, if you don’t have to travel to the other side of the city, we recommend you use the bus instead of the subway. If you have to take a short trip, you will go faster and it is cheaper. You can also buy a weekly or monthly travelcard (depending on how long you are going to stay in London) and start reducing your expenses there.

You have to know that in London, depending on the time you travel you will have to pay more or less. If you decide to use public transport during rush hours (which would be before 9.30 am and between 4 and 7 pm) the ticket will cost you more, so if you can avoid these hours, you already have another way to save money in London!

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How to save money on food in London?

This is one of the ways where you can save the most. In London there are many supermarkets like Asda, Tesco and Sansbury that are extremely accessible and where you can find very good products at low prices. In these supermarkets you will find the so-called “Meal Deal” (it costs between 3 and 4 pounds). Meal Deals are ideal for lunch and consist of a sandwich (they are quite large), a drink (there are juices, soft drinks etc…) and a snack or dessert of your choice. The snacks are small bags of potatoes, so we recommend that you get the desserts, which are usually bags of pre-cut fruit. This is one of the best ways to save on food in London: at midday, get a Meal Deal from the supermarkets. They are really good and very cheap.

Always order tap water

If you go out to eat, try to look carefully for the place. There are very good mid-price restaurants where you can save money without losing quality. You can visit our article on where to eat in London. But the best advice to save money is the one below. If you have lunch and dinner at a restaurant and you are going to drink water, you can ask for “tap water”, which is water from the tap and you will get it for free (most places serve it with lemon slices). It should be noted that the drinking water in London is great and you will save a lot of money.

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