Kinsa Smart Thermometer Demand Grows During COVID-19 Pandemic

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Have you heard of the Kinsa smart thermometer? It is becoming highly popular these days. Keep reading to learn why it is so important.

The Kinsa smart thermometer is becoming a lot more popular during the COVID-19 crisis. Dr. Deborah Birx, Dr. Anthony S. Fauci and other experts predict millions will be infected and up to 100,000 people will die. Since fever is a major symptom of the disease, people are becoming more concerned about having their temperatures taken. Kinsa is making this easier.

There are a number of different smart thermometers. You can find out more on this page. But why is Kinsa so popular?

Why is the Kinsa Smart Thermometer so Popular?

Smart thermometers are becoming more important for our health. They are especially important today, as we face one of the worst virus pandemics in modern history.

The market for smart thermometers is growing rapidly. As it grows, a number of new smart thermometers are reaching the market.

Kinsa is a very popular new smart thermometer.  On one end, it looks like a traditional thermometer, while at the other end has a 3.5 mm connection like a hearing aid.  It is possible to transfer information to a smartphone and know more than just a patient’s body temperature.

Through an application, the user can anonymously share their symptoms on a patient, as well as their temperature.  The interesting thing about this is that it offers the potential to map practically in real time diseases in a block, a state or even an entire country and thus be prevented.

This information from the Kinsa thermometer can also be shared with our family doctor, so he can make a preliminary diagnosis, or call a nearby clinic for specialized medical care.

Potential clients of this new device are parents, who can join private groups as a social network to find out how many of their children’s classmates are sick and take twice as much orange juice or whatever other measures are necessary to avoid getting sick.

This year, Kinsa managed to collect a little more than 52 thousand dollars through the collective financing platform Indiegogo, money that was used to start the production of the smart thermometers. The prototype only works with iOS, although its developers say they are already working on an Android version.

When it arrives in stores, it will be necessary to see how many people prefer this thermometer to more traditional and painful methods.

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Kinsa is More Popular than the Xiaomi Alternative

Another alternative has reached the market. But the Kinsa thermometer is still the most popular.

A major Chinese firm continues to launch new gadgets beyond the mobile phones. We recently heard of a new version of their My Notebook Air, a new coffee machine, brand new lines of running shoes and even a smart scale. Now this Chinese company has reemerged with even more smart products.

The latest innovation they released is a thermometer that connects to our phone and gives us all the necessary information without having to rely on the small LCD screens that usually have this type of device. Once again, this smart thermometer from Xiaomi meets the company’s seal of approval, quality, great interaction with the mobile phone and is very cheap.

However, the new smart thermometer is still not as popular as the one from Kinsa. It has some limitations that need to be worked out.

This new intelligent thermometer from Xiaomi has a diameter of 17 millimeters and has a high thermal conductivity. It uses a stainless-steel temperature sensor, and is capable of measuring temperatures between 32 and 42 degrees Celsius, with an error tolerance of 0.1 degrees. The design of this thermometer is undoubtedly quite striking, and reminds us more of a Chromecast than the design of the traditional thermometer, a way by which the smaller ones could catch less mania for this type of object and be more receptive to having their temperature taken.

This smart thermometer from Xiaomi is waterproof with an IPX6 rating and has an adhesive that allows it to be attached to the body to take temperature. It always uses aseptic materials. It takes about 2.5 seconds to take a baby’s temperature, which is longer than the one from Kinsa. This thermometer has a bluetooth connection to synchronize the data with our phone through the My App. Temperature changes can be recorded on the phone and the thermometer has an acoustic signal that warns us if the temperature is at a dangerous level. It is still a fairly good smart thermometer, but is not as reliable as Kinsa so far.

This new smart thermometer will go on sale next May 18th at a price of only 12 euros, so it is really a very interesting device.

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