Why Your SaaS Company Should Invest in Animated Explainer Videos

Animated Explainer Videos

Software as a Service (SaaS) has become one of the fastest-growing business models across different sectors. As a result, many apps, software solutions, and other options are available on the market, and customers can have difficulty signing up for or purchasing a service. This is because they know little or nothing about the services or solutions. So SaaS companies need to work on educating their target customers.

Using written documents or audio may not be enough to enlighten customers and target audiences about your SaaS company or service. You should use SaaS explainer videos to inform your audience. Keep reading to learn why your business should invest in animated explainer videos.

To Educate Your Target Audience

Your software or app aims to help clients solve specific problems or simplify their work. So you need to educate your target audience so that they can recognize the problem at hand and inform them about the various solutions available. When you enlighten them about their problems, they will see your brand as authentic, and they might consider the solutions you are proposing or recommending in your SaaS explainer video.

It is important to note that many SaaS companies fail terribly because they rush to market their solutions to an uninformed audience. Experts say that there is no way you can rush to offer a solution, and the client isn’t even aware that they have a problem and need a better solution to address the issue. So you should start with a SaaS explainer video highlighting your target clients’ issues and then offer a solution. The information can be in one video or in separate videos.

To Showcase What Your SaaS Company Offers

Once you have captured the attention of your target audience by recognizing their problems, it is time to showcase what solutions your SaaS company offers. This is the time to highly various solutions you offer. If you provide software services, explain what is included in each package. Be sure to highlight the benefits of each package and who should buy it. This helps the target customer to make better choices. If you don’t explain the benefits of each service and who it targets, there are high chances of clients buying the wrong packages/services.

In addition, you need to explain your discounts and special offers. Your target customers always want or expect a reward after watching your SaaS explainer video. And telling them you have special offers and discounts will be enough to make them come to your website to sign up for your services or get more information.

To Create Brand Awareness

It takes time and effort for a SaaS company to be known all over. So you need to use high-quality, engaging videos to let a wider audience know about your company and your services. When you create impactful explainer videos and share them on various platforms, your customers and target audiences will watch them and will likely share them on their platforms which increases your brand awareness. You must be consistent in messaging to ensure the explainer videos reflect your brand.

Pass Complex Information in an Easy-to-Understand Way

Most services and solutions offered by SaaS companies and app makers are challenging to understand. Ordinary individuals may need help understanding the complex tech language on your website, and they want a simplified version of the information that is easy to understand. When your target audience understands some of your information and services/solutions, they will likely trust your brand and sign up for your services. When you hire an experienced explainer video company, your animated videos will always have a simple, clear, and concise message, regardless of how complex it may sound on your end.

Drive Traffic to Your Website and Grow Revenue

With high-quality and impactful explainer videos on your website and even on your social media platforms, your message will reach a wider audience. A good percentage of people who watch your SaaS explainer videos will likely want your services or want to learn more about your SaaS company. So you will enjoy increased traffic on your website. In addition, you will get more sign-ups for your services, which means more revenue for your SaaS company. So your company will enjoy improved conversions and get a better return on investment from explainer videos and other marketing efforts.

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