Importance of Finding the Best Pomade for Thick Hair

best pomade for thick hair
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Are you looking for the best pomade for thick hair? You aren’t alone.  A growing number of men are starting to express an interest in pomades. Men with thick hair need to be more selective.

According to an analysis from Google Trends, men care more than ever about looking stylish with a great head of hair and thick beards. Google confirmed that it was a great year for grooming, growth and beard trimming.

Are you always worried about your thick hair? Do you want a hairstyle that is tighter and taller?

Many other men are in the same boat. In fact, during 2016, “ointment” and “beard oil” were the two most popular Google searches for men around the world. Men that know more about hair care products are also looking for pomades online.

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This trend coincides with a resurgence of classic hairstyles. We are seeing more men go back to older hairstyles from the 1970s. They are asking what made those styles so good back then. It is clearer than ever that cool old school guys have to make their hair look amazing, as well as keep their hair and look intact, looking great all the time. For most men’s hairstyles, pomades and other hair products are necessary for maintaining the right texture and keeping it from having a mind of its own. This can be very intimidating men that have just used hair gel before. Fortunately, there are pomades that work a lot better than traditional gels.

If you don’t know what a pomade is yet, we’ll explain here, why putting kids’ needs into cleansing and giving them secrets to looking great is our first goal.

Keep reading to learn more about pomades for thick hair.

1- What Are Pomades?

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A pomade is a styling product that is applied to slightly damp, freshly washed hair. What makes it unique to other hair products on the market?

Unlike hair gels and waxes, a pomade is made from natural ingredients such as beeswax, essential oils and others. The pomade also sets until the end of the day, so it is easy for kids to comb their hair and wash any residue at the desired time of their hair.

While most commercial products for men’s hair can be harsh, they can also irritate the scalp after frequent use. The pomade does not cause any of this and allows for a smooth and resilient wear as well as being innovative and safe to use.

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2- Popular Pomade Lines

Pomades with different formulas will be better for different types of hair. Thicker hair requires pomades with a thicker grip.

3- Wet or dry hair

You should slightly moisten your hair to apply most pomades. It should be mostly dry, but not entirely dry or very wet. The pomade will be diluted if you have too much water. On the other hand, if your hair is too try then it will be hard to apply the pomade evenly across thick hair.

4- How to Apply Pomade?

You need to warm up most pomades before you can apply them. You can start with an amount the size of a pea-sized. Take it in your palm and begin rubbing it. It will be more viscous and easier to apply.

You will then need to use both hands to rub it into the roots of your hair, while rubbing your fingers to the edge of the strands of hair. Try to apply it to a couple strands of hair at once.

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