5 Ways To Maintain Your Scrubs In A Perfect Condition

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Scrubs act as the first line of defence for healthcare workers worldwide. Their vitality grew even more with the onset of the pandemic, with scrub hats, scrub lowers, scrub tops, and beauty tunics gaining broader prominence.

Now that it is clear that scrubs form an essential part of being a healthcare worker, the question – is, how should you maintain them?

Since they are no less than a uniform that you wear every day, you must take proper care of these clothes.

Read about the top ways to maintain your scrubs for better durability.

Wash your scrubs separately

No matter how enticing it may seem, do not try to wash your scrubs with your regular clothes. You must ensure your work clothes are away from your usual clothing.

The main reason is that scrubs need much more time to wash, and you need to pay more attention. This is mainly because of the chance of infections and bacteria removal that may cause diseases.

By washing even the smallest of scrubs like the scrub hats, you can avoid an unexpected colour transfer that can completely disrupt your appearance and the look of the scrubs.

Deal well with the stains on your scrubs

If your hospital washes your scrubs, you are in a safe space as they will always go for a specific deep-clean regime.

On the other hand, washing scrubs on the premises of your home will be a completely different deal – do keep in mind that the cleaning steps to be followed are very other from regular clothing.

You will be using heavy-duty detergent, vinegar, sociable globes, and relevant cleaning supplies to eliminate the stains in the scrubs.

Pre-treatment of new scrubs

Not many people know this tip; you can always go for a pre-treatment just as you buy new scrubs for the very first time. This is essential for those scrubs that are made from vibrant colours. The process will allow the dye to be set up and avoid fading the scrubs’ colours.

Dry with the help of heat

Once the scrubs have been washed, you must dry them properly to ensure that all your clothes are set. To that account, keep the scrubs in the dryer and go for the maximum heat setting. The drying process can go on for about 30 minutes, killing some bacteria in the fabric.

Use an iron

No healthcare worker works without properly ironed scrubs. The scrubs are pretty great in themselves, but you should go for ironing them to maintain their durability.

Iron has two significant benefits – the first one is that you get a professional-looking and crisp appearance that elevates the face value of the hospital or clinic.

The second reason is that iron can be used in health-maintaining aspects of life and allows you to save yourself from further bacterial infections.

Moreover, there are innumerable microbes if you’re in the workplace and hospital. So, regular sanitising is an excellent idea.

As newer changes arise in healthcare, it is best to be prepared for challenges.

Healthcare workers are at the forefront of these diseases and issues. Thus, it becomes essential for them to practice stricter cleaning and maintenance methods for their scrubs to allow for a healthy life and body.

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