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Myths to Debunk While Planning a Weight Loss Party

weight loss party myths
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Weight loss parties have become a popular new trend. Our fellow blogger from At the Picket Fence held a party to celebrate losing 100 pounds. Many other people have parties to encourage weight loss.

Unfortunately, not every weight loss party is setup well. Some people that plan them don’t know what foods they should be bringing. They often bring foods that they think will encourage weight loss, which can backfire if they have the opposite effect.

You need to understand the most common myths about weight loss diets. You need to plan your party meals accordingly, so that you and your guests can lose weight safely.

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Common Myths to Avoid When Planning a Weight Loss Party

You need to avoid the most common dietary mistakes when planning a weight loss party. Some of the biggest misconceptions are listed below.

MYTH- “Certain foods burn fat and speed up your metabolism.

FALSE: There are no foods that burn fat, make you lose pounds faster or speed up your metabolism in such a way that you will lose weight more quickly.

MYTH- “Foods labeled ‘low-fat’ or ‘no-fat’ are always a healthy option. 

FALSE: Many of them may actually contain more sugar or sodium to compensate for the loss of flavor generated by reducing fat.

MYTH- “Eliminating snacks between meals will help you lose weight.

FALSE: Actually, when it comes to losing weight, the problem is not the snacks themselves, but what kind they are. Many people need to eat something between meals to maintain their energy levels.

MYTH- “If you’ve eaten everything and a lot at parties, you have to go on a very extreme diet.”

FALSE: Some weight-loss diets stand out for being extremely low in calories, which explains the initial weight loss. However, maintaining this style of eating is unsustainable over time, because the lack of nutrients will generate fatigue and difficulty concentrating. In addition, when the person returns to his or her usual diet, eventually there will be a “rebound effect” and they will experience weight gain.

MYTH- “Détox juices are the solution to overeating at parties”

FALSE: Fruit and vegetable consumption should ideally be in its natural form to take advantage of its fiber, vitamin, mineral and antioxidant content.

MYTH- “The banana is a forbidden food to lose weight”

FALSE: He’s got bad press. It is a food rich in fiber, potassium and magnesium, and it raises serotonin, which helps regulate appetite through satiety.  The insulin ion and leads to a greater accumulation of fat.

MYTH- “Por Salut cheese is the healthiest because it is lean and low in calories” 

FALSE: Under the label “por salut”, many believe that this is one of the ideal cheeses to accompany a diet, but its name comes from a monastery in France, in Port du Salut, and in its common version, it provides 25 gr. of fat and about 320 kcal per 100 gr, which is not little

MYTH- “Drinking plenty of fluids before a meal helps you lose weight” 

FALSE: Water alone does not provide satiety, nor do drinks in general. That is precisely the problem with soft drinks and wine, which provide a lot of calories and do not satisfy the appetite.

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Plan Your Weight Loss Party Carefully

You need to make sure that you follow the right practices when planning a party for weight loss. You and your guests will appreciate that you did your research and brought the right foods. You don’t want to make the mistake of bringing foods that are supposed to burn calories, because they never actually do.

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