What Are the Best House Slippers for Hardwood Floors?

We have gotten a lot of questions about the importance of wearing the right house slippers for hardwood floors. It isn’t surprising that so many people are concerned about finding the right footwear if they want to protect their wooden floors from wear.

Why You Need the Right House Slippers to Protect Your Hardwood Flooring

The worst enemies of parquet and floating floors are shoes and street shoes. They have little stones stuck to their soles, chewing gum and dirt that is both sticky and sharp, dangerous edges in the case of heels and water when it rains or they clean the streets. All of these things can cause a lot of damage to the hardwood floors that you spent so much time installing.

This is why you need to make sure that you wear the right slippers. Your floors will last a lot longer if you have slippers that minimize abrasions to the surface.

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Wearing the Right Slippers is Crucial to Protecting Your Hardwood Floors

You have probably heard lots of tips on preserving your hardwood floors. You have heard that It’s best to take your shoes off as soon as you walk in the door and enjoy your floor in walking shoes, socks or on your own pinreles, if it’s not already cold. If you resist this practice, at least put a good mat at the door and make everyone aware to use it.

Unfortunately, you may have times that you can’t walk barefoot. This means that you may wear shoes at times, which can gradually wear your floors down. Fortunately, you can save your floors by wearing the following slippers instead.

Parquet’ Berevere

If you have a delicate floor where you need your footprints to be light and not stain, these are the shoes you need. They are great for the winter months, because they are very comfortable and warm. They also have a very warm hair texture.

Besides, they have three little stars as decoration in several colors. The sole is microporous, very light and has a small 3 cm wedge, which benefits the natural way of walking. It is a product made in Spain with the best materials to walk comfortably at home!

Unbuttoned parquet wool slippers

This semi-closed house slipper in knitted fabric, special textile sole for parquet and floating platforms. It does not scratch the floor and is very warm. It is made in Spain by Marpen Slippers.

Parquet lock

This closed home slipper is made with soft and warm wool fabric and a non-slip sole that does not point to the wooden floor and parquet, sewn sole.

Slippers that Clean Your Hardwood Floors!

Some slippers are even great for cleaning your home while you walk!

Cleaning our house can become a very heavy and above all very tiring task. Fortunately, there are ways to make this easier. We can show you how you can keep your house clean, in a fun way. You have to try these interesting slippers. You will want to get them right away. While you are at it, you may also want to buy some for your family so that everyone will keep the floor clean!

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Slipper Genie Microfiber

 You can use these slippers as a dusting tool while you walk! They are great for most hardwood floor surfaces as well. They fit 3 different shoe sizes.

 MareLight with Chanille Fibers

These slippers have fluffy microfiber toes on the soles. They are comfortable, practical and durable. They are perfect for wood, tile and vinyl floors to collect dirt.

Microfiber Chenille Slippers

These shoes are made with removable Velcro. They are easy to clean, water absorbent and quiet.

Business Marketing Social Media

The Top Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media Marketing

Facebook was founded in 2004. In the 16 years since the site was launched, social media has played a prominent role in modern marketing. Over 3.8 billion people around the world use social media websites, so shrewd marketers leverage prominent social media sites to expand their reach. The benefits are astounding. One MarketingSherpa study found that the average ROI of social media marketing is 95%.

However, social media is not a foolproof approach to success in business. You need to be diligent with your efforts. You should also be aware of the following advantages and disadvantages of social media marketing.

Advantages of social media marketing

There are numerous reasons marketers are using social media to appeal to the customers. Some of the biggest advantages are listed below.

Excellent conversion rates for e-commerce

Social media users are highly likely to purchase products. One survey found 54% of customers research products on social media before they choose to purchase them. Conversion rates are especially high for targeting social media users actively searching for products, such as those using the Pinterest search engine. Other studies found that 83% of Pinterest users made a purchase after looking at content there and 72% use the site to decide what to purchase off-line.

Excellent Reach

You can reach the vast majority of the population in developed economies through social media. Recent data shows 68% of adults in the United States are on Facebook. An even higher percentage of adults are on social media sites in general, after counting YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and other platforms.

The popularity of social media also offers many opportunities for scalability. Unlike smaller platforms, content on social media doesn’t burn out very quickly. Marketers using sites like BuySellAds have noticed that their ROI ends up dropping very sharply after too many returning visitors kept seeing their advertisements. Social media content doesn’t fizzle nearly as quickly, because there is such a deep user base.

Also, the heterogeneity of social media websites makes it easy for marketers to find new opportunities in different markets. A marketer might have success targeting men between the ages of 18 and 34. They could easily try reaching females in the same age group, because an approximately equal number of them are on social media and the targeting capabilities of most sites is very similar. They could also explore markets in other countries, since social media is used by websites all over the world.

Excellent satisfaction among marketers

Marketers have been using social media for over a decade. The majority of marketers have found that it is highly effective for meeting their goals. One recent poll showed that 73% of marketers are satisfied with the results.

The reason that social media is so effective for marketing is that brands have a wide range of options. They can use social media for both performance and brand marketing. They can also easily pair their preferred social networking site with the demographics of the customers they are focusing on. For example, brands that are targeting B2B companies can use LinkedIn or SlideShare. Companies that are promoting products and services to female customers can realize high returns by promoting content on Pinterest, since 70% of the audience is women there.

Excellent customer satisfaction through direct engagement

Smart companies understand that customers want to engage with them on social media. They realize that social media isn’t just a platform to share content and make highly promotional statements about their brand.

The real benefit of social media is that customers can engage with their favorite brands on a much more personal level. If they want to learn more about a product, they can only take up so much time of a customer service representative by sending emails or making phone calls. Those mediums simply are not meant to be used for regular conversations.

Social media is a different animal. It was specifically designed to facilitate discussions between users, which includes conversations between brands and their favorite customers. Smart brands use social media to answer customer questions in detail and share comments and even jokes.

Disadvantages of using social media

Social media marketing can be incredibly effective for most marketers. However, there are some unfortunate downsides to using it as well. Some of these drawbacks are listed below.

Shutterstock Licensed Image – By yanatul

Intense competition

Back in 2010, building a successful social media strategy was much easier. Some marketers were able to create $1,000 a day business models without even creating their own products. They would launch social media ads to promote dropshipping and affiliate marketing products.

This has become a lot more difficult in recent years. The biggest reason is that competition is becoming steeper.

This certainly doesn’t mean that social media marketing is no longer viable. On the contrary, it is as affective as it has ever been. However, brands have to compensate for rising costs due to higher competition with more innovative business models. Simplistic CPA marketing funnels simply aren’t likely to cut it anymore.

Frustrating algorithm changes

In 2016, Facebook unveiled a major new algorithm change. This change meant that publications with shorter form content had a more difficult time getting visibility. Many of these publishers were doing quite well before and had very engaging business models. The algorithm change didn’t make much sense from this perspective, but it still crippled some brands.

Facebook has since made other algorithm changes in recent years. The website’s new changes have made it much more difficult for organic content to gain traction. Websites generally need to commit to paying for visibility.

Facebook is not the only social media site that has created challenges with algorithm changes. Pinterest has released a number of new changes over the last few years as well. Their biggest change was the introduction of a new search engine, which shifted the emphasis from favoring brands with large follower count to favoring brands with engaging content. New machine learning algorithms have giving preference to content curators that produce visuals that are likely to be actively shared and engaged with.

Marketers need to regularly update their strategies to reflect new algorithm updates. Those that failed to evolve with these changes will be left behind.

Stricter policies

Most social media platforms are becoming less tolerant of the content and advertisements they are willing to accept. Facebook made some major changes a few years ago, when they all but banned advertisements for dating websites. Many marketers were making bank promoting dating sites, but found their advertising accounts were banned overnight. Companies promoting cryptocurrencies and other vaguely controversial products also found that Facebook was no longer accepting their ads.

Poorly thought out strategies can backfire very quickly

Social media is a double edge sword for marketers. On the one hand, smart marketers can see impressive results rather quickly. They can see results in the form of new sales and leads.

Unfortunately, poorly executed social media strategies can work just as quickly. Bad social media messages or offensive content can cause lasting damage virtually overnight.

Deciphering the Mysteries of Social Media Marketing

In order to appreciate the benefits and drawbacks of social media marketing, you should take some time to understand the nature of different social networks. There are specific focuses of each of the different social networks, so they have little or no competition with each other.

XING and LinkedIn are B2B networks, whereby XING is more oriented towards the German area and LinkedIn enables international contacts.

Instagram and Pinterest are social networks that focus on images. These two networks seem to have the greatest overlaps with user demographics.

Whatsapp and Snapchat are messenger services. Snapchat is especially popular with younger people, because the messages are deleted after a short time.

Twitter is a social network where the number of characters for tweets is limited to 140 characters. However, tests with 280 characters are also running. Twitter is used in the German-speaking world more in the B2B environment, while internationally it is used by broad sections of society.

The situation is similar with Google+. Google’s social networking site was once supposed to become the big competitor to Facebook, but it has by no means achieved the same relevance as Facebook. At Google+ you can find some niches or industries that exchange with each other.

Facebook is by far the most relevant social network worldwide.

Youtube is a video search engine and social network for videos combined. Youtube is operated by Google and is considered the second largest search engine after Google.

The future of social networks seems to belong to all-round platforms such as weChat, which combine messenger functionalities with the features of classic social networks.

Social media has both strong pros and cons 

There are countless benefits of using social media marketing. However, there are some downsides as well. Marketers need to understand the nature of these platforms and use them appropriately. You can see much higher benefits from using the right networks and crafting content that resonates with your target demographic.


3 Great Tourist Ideas in Cuenca After the COVID-19 Crisis Ends

The Coronavirus crisis is causing a lot of panic, which is restricting travel around the world. Unfortunately, Spain is one of the hardest hit countries. This is particularly discouraging, since Spain is one of the greatest travel destinations in the world.

The good news is that the crisis won’t last forever. This means we should look forward to future trips. One of the great places to travel to after the pandemic ends is Cuenca, Spain.

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There are plenty of great things to do when you visit Cuenca. You can read more below.

Wonderful Things to Do When Visiting Cuenca

This list of places to visit in Cuenca will help you to prepare a trip to one of the 15 World Heritage cities in Spain. The city is divided into two parts. The old town located at more than 1000 meters above sea level and the new city that extends into the lower part. Cuenca has an impressive old town, located on a rocky hill surrounded by the gorges of the Júcar and Huécar rivers, where the buildings border the cliff and the narrow streets take you back to the Middle Ages.

Here you can stroll through the old town until you find the emblematic Casas Colgadas (Hanging Houses) or the skyscrapers of the San Martín neighborhood, which is a real wonder and that can still be enjoyed, at certain times of the day, by very few tourists.

Although you can get to know the old town pretty well in a day, we recommend that you spend the night in the city so you can take a pleasant walk at night and have more time to see the surrounding jewels such as the Enchanted City.

Based on the experience of our visit to Cuenca, it is considered one of the best tours in Madrid. Therefore, we will leave you with this list of what we believe are, the three best places in Cuenca.

1. The Hanging Houses

Las Casas Colgadas, is a series of buildings with overhanging balconies over the gorge of the Huécar River. It is one of the most iconic places to visit in Cuenca.

Among the buildings built between the 13th and 15th centuries, only three remain: the Casa de la Sirena, which houses an inn, and the two Casas de los Reyes, which houses an Abstract Art Museum.

To get the best views of the Hanging Houses, we recommend you stand in the middle of the Puente de San Pablo or from the climb to the Convento de San Pablo.

2. Main Square

The colorful Plaza Mayor is the center of the city and another one of the most beautiful places to see in Cuenca.

This square is surrounded by buildings with colorful facades, including the Baroque style Town Hall with three round arches, the Convent of Las Petras and the impressive Cathedral of Nuestra Señora de Gracia.

The Plaza Mayor is also a perfect place to have a drink in one of its terraces and start walking through the city, as it is where the bus line leaves you and connects with the train and bus stations.

A good option for getting to know the history of the city and not missing out on anything important is to book this guided tour or this full tour of Cuenca, which includes entrance to the cathedral and the Museum of Abstract Art.

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3. Viewpoints of Cuenca

One of the best things to do in Cuenca is to go to its viewpoints overlooking the Júcar and Huécar rivers, the city and the mountainous surroundings.

Among our favorite viewpoints to visit in Cuenca are:

Mirador Florencio Cañas: located near the Main Square, it stands out for its views of the San Pablo Convent.

Mirador del Castillo: located under the ruins of the castle, another of the places to see in Cuenca, it offers spectacular views of the houses that border the hill and the Convent of San Pablo.

Mirador hoz del Júcar: located near the Plaza del Trabuco, it overlooks the gorge of the Júcar River.

Mirador del Rey: located in the highest part of the city, it offers panoramic views of the whole city and its surroundings.

Check Out this Wonderful Area After the COVID-19 Crisis Ends!

The coronavirus crisis is taking its toll on the travel industry. We need to start planning trips to enjoy after it ends. We encourage you to enjoy a trip to Cuenca, which is one of the most iconic parts of Spain!

Finance Trading

Boost Portfolio by Going Long on Leisure Stocks During a Bull Market

Stock market analyst have been warning about an imminent market correction for at least a year and a half. Some experts have warned that this correction would be one of the worst stock market downturns in years.

These predictions have not come to fruition, so far. People following the market should not be too surprised, because market analysts aren’t always right. One study found that they were only right 51% of the time when it came to valuing individual securities. Their analyses can certainly be helpful, but they shouldn’t be taken as gospel. If you believe in the efficient market hypothesis, then their predictions are pretty much useless by the time they are aired. Their ability to predict broader market trends has proven to be even more suspect and often includes a lot of their own bias.

The market may not be at its strongest right now, but it is still persevering. There is a good chance that it will trend upwards. If we head into a bull market, then it is a good idea to consider purchasing some leisure stocks, because they have great beta coefficients and have the potential to perform well during an upwards market.

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Top Recommended Leisure Stocks for 2020

Despite the ominous predictions some analysts have made, the stock market has been surprisingly resilient. There is a strong possibility that stocks will appreciate even further in the near term. Investors that take long positions may want to consider allocating a larger share of their portfolio to equities. As long as the market is likely to perform strongly, leisure stocks might be good to add to your portfolio. Here are some leisure stocks that can make great additions to your portfolio.

Johnson Outdoors

Johnson Outdoors has proven to be a very stable stock over the past couple of years. The value of the stock rose around 1.3% year over year. Over the same time period, The S&P 500 has dropped around 1%.

The stock has been on the radar of many analysts since 2017. Motley Fool wrote a stunning report about how the price of this stock rose 26% in the summer of last year. Three months ago, Zacks wrote a strong recommendation for the stock, citing higher than expected earnings reports.

The stock seems to be correlated with the direction of the market. It has a three-year beta coefficient of 1.10, so it might be a good stock to add to your portfolio if you expect the market to remain healthy.

Marine Products Corp.

Marine Products Corp. is the highest rated stock in its industry by The Street. In fact, is the only recreational and leisure stock to receive an A+ rating with the publication.

The stock has proven itself worthy of strong recommendation over the past year. Year-over-year charts show that the share price rose from $15 to $17. This would be a remarkable return in any market.

Should you invest in this stock during a vibrant economy? It has a three-year beta coefficient of 0.52. This may not be as high as a lot of other leisure stocks, but this still means it tends to be strongly correlated with the direction of the market.

Home Leisure Direct

Home Leisure Direct is one of the fastest growing recreational and gaming retailers. It was started on a bootstrapped budget by Andy Beresford and became a $10 million business.

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“Years before I started out the business, I wanted to get a pool table and it was very difficult. There were no good websites that you could go on for advice, they didn’t have photographs, prices, or any useful details about the product. So, when my wife and I started thinking about setting up our own company, the idea of a home entertainment supplier came to mind,” he told Sun Online.

The company has not gone public yet, but it might be a promising one to look at when it does. If the IPO is timed with a bull market, then there is a good chance that investors will make a very nice ROI from it.


Expedia has been a popular leisure stock for years. In July, analysts strongly recommended the stock to long investors. They pointed out that the YTD earnings of the stock was 6.16%.  Although this was a little lower than its historical average, the performance was still better than the market as a whole.

Expedia seems to be a great stock to invest in during a bull market. Consumers are more likely to take flights during a strong economy. The three-year beta of the stock is 0.94, which means it is likely to perform well during a bull market.  

Technology Web Design

Web 2.0 Logo Development Tips

Creating a logo is essential for any business. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to maintain a decent logo, since the expectations customers have are changing all the time. You can always tweak your logo to the evolving standards, but it is best to familiarize yourself with them before developing one. It will save you a lot of hassle down the road.

Social media has led to the inception of the Web 2.0 era, which has changed the rules of graphic design and development. Many brands are not aware of the new standards. Here are some practices that they should be following and find a logo generation tool that assists you with them.

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Logos need to be easily compactible

Before the days of social media, brands could afford to use a large canvas to develop their logos. They had plenty of space in magazines to feature their brand, so a large logo was not an issue. They could fill the logo with lots of detail, which required extra space. This was also the case during the early days of the Internet.

It isn’t the case with social media marketing though. Most social media platforms have very restrictive policies on image sizes. Of course, you can condense any image as small as you want. The problem is that many of the finer features will bleed together. This will cause your logo to look tacky and cluttered.

The only way to get around this is to design your logo to be smaller and use more limited detail. Having an incredibly fancy logo is not necessarily a great idea anyways. Keeping it simple is usually the best strategy for any marketing medium and social media is no exception.

All else being equal, choose logo colors that contrast with the social media backgrounds you will post them on

When you are using your logo image on any online site, you want to make sure that it sticks out. This is especially true if you are going to be running native ads with your logo. Since Facebook native ads will have your logo as the profile image, you need to make sure that it will have colors that will stand out to increase your CTR.

Keep this in mind when choosing colors. Think about the background colors of the social media platforms that you will be using.

Of course, this shouldn’t be you’re number one priority. You need to make sure that you choose colors that align with the emotions you want to convey for your brand. However, if you find that two different color pairs are going to resonate with your brand calls equally well, you should opt for the ones that will stand out the most on social media.

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Choose logos that don’t look too much like clickbait

Designing your logo around a click bait strategy is a bad idea. This is a big mistake that I see many brands using when they develop logo specifically for digital marketing. It is especially common with bloggers, since they are designing their logo poorly with social media positioning in mind.

A growing number of customers are getting annoyed with the types of clickbait content that brands like BuzzFeed are sharing. While using click bait content to reach your audience isn’t necessarily a bad idea, you definitely do not want them to associate your entire brand image with that. Choose a simple and professional logo instead.

Having a high-quality logo is essential for any marketing strategy. This rule of thumb has not changed with the birth of social media. Make sure that you develop a logo that aligns with your brand goals.

Apps Travel

Using the Right Apps Can Make Your Flight Much Easier

Many polls have found that people don’t enjoy flying. In fact, it is one of the biggest stressors for most Americans. Are you planning a trip in the near future? Don’t worry – there are a number of apps that can help make your trip a lot more pleasant.

Here are some of the best apps to use when you go to the airport.

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iFly Pro

It is important to collect information about the airport you will be using before your trip. This app has all the information that you need. You can use it to help navigate around the airport, so you don’t get lost going to the wrong gate. It also helps you find the different attractions at the airport if you need to pick something up. Most importantly, it has information on flight schedules. You can check to see if flight is delayed before driving to the airport and waiting. This is one of the reasons it is well reviewed by Boarding Area.

Mobile Passport

Going through customs can be a very arduous process if you are flying internationally. You need to have your passport ready, which can be a huge pain. It can cause you to miss your flight, which is a pain if you need to get flight delay compensation.

This app makes things a lot easier. You can use it to expedite the customs process and get on your plane faster. To our knowledge, it is the only passport app that is approved by the United States Customs and Border Protection.

TripIt and TripCase

There are a number of great apps that can help you with your flight. However, these two are even more useful, because they will help you with other stretches of your trip. They make it easier to rent cars, find vacant hotels and discover the best places to eat after you get off your flight.


This is one of the most versatile multi-purpose travel apps available. It is amazing that the developers have made it available for free, especially considering how many amazing features it provides.

You can use this app to find lots of different amenities during your trip. The most popular feature is that it allows you to find the different restaurants in different parts of the airport. You can find which restaurants are available on both sides of the screening check points. If you aren’t thrilled with choices that are available to you when you first arrive, then you can see if there are other options on the other side. It tells you whether or not it is worth waiting or whether you should simply choose to eat something when you first get there.

As with a lot of other travel apps, it has added a number of features beyond navigating the airport. It also tells you where you can find car rentals and restaurants. It also has listed different gas stations in the area, so you can know where to fill up your rental car after you get the keys.


At first glance, this seems like just another app that tells you what venues are available in the airport. However, it actually offer us a lot more useful information.

All of the recommendations that this app offers are personalized. It has information on your memberships and elite status, so you can get customized recommendations based on offers that are available to you.

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Choose the right apps to make your flight go a lot easier

Flying is not the most exciting thing for most people. It can be very stressful, especially if you don’t like heights or crowds.

The good news is that there is a lot of new technology that makes the process a lot easier. If you use the right travel apps, you will be able to get through the airport or quickly and with minimal frustration.

Some of the apps are free, while others cost a small fee. However, you shouldn’t have to pay much more than $4 to get access to a useful travel app. This is a great investment if you are getting an app that is going to offer a ton of convenience to you.


Why Your Employees Depend on Your Branding Strategy

Every organization needs to invest in creating a strong brand image. Everybody working in the company depends on it, including the employees.

Reasons Your Brand Affects Your Employees

Here are some reasons that your employees are counting on you to create a strong brand.

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Financial stability

The biggest reason your employees need you to build a strong brand image is that their financial stability depends on it. You can’t attract a steady stream of paying customers with a weak brand. This obviously threatens the financial stability of your employees, since you can’t pay them without a steady stream of revenue.

Building a stronger brand image will not only ensure you can meet your contractual payment obligations to them, but it also means that you can provide better paying opportunities in the future. As your company brand value appreciates, you can bring in higher paying clients. This makes it easier for you to offer raises across the board. If you offer stock options to your employees, their net worth will increase as well.

More pride and prestige

Money isn’t the only reason people want to work for a company. They want to work somewhere they can be proud of. They want to be able to tell their friends and family and strangers they meet at cocktail parties that they work for well-known company that is making a difference. Do you think people would rather tell somebody that they have a manager position at Google or are working in a garage in their friend’s dad‘s basement?

You don’t need to necessarily grow your brand to become the next Amazon or Google. However, you want to at least create a strong brand image that your employees will be proud to boast about.

Other employment opportunities

Every business is going to have some degree of turnover. This isn’t something that should hurt your ego. Employees that leave are not necessarily going to defect to your competitors either. Some people are going to want to change careers has their interests change.

Whatever the reason that somebody chooses to seek other employment options, you have a duty to help them get off on the right foot. If you build a strong brand image, they will have a much easier time getting a foot in the door with another company.

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How do You Build a Strong Brand Image for Your Employees?

There are a number of things that you need to do to create a strong brand image. Here are a few.

Create a strong logo and visual appearance

I can’t overemphasize the importance of a good logo. It can make or break your brand image. Designhill has a great logo generator that lets you choose from thousands of preloaded images and create highly detailed logos.

Be careful about underpricing

Choosing the right pricing strategy is essential for any brand. It is tempting to offer low prices to attract more customers. However, charging low prices can make it difficult to generate the capital needed to grow your business, unless you have a large sales volume. Make sure you are realistic about the depth of the market and set prices accordingly.

Deliver consistent value to every customer

Your brand image hinges on your reputation more than anything else. Focus on consistently delivering the same high-quality service to every customer that you made. Don’t cut corners just because a customer is ordering less than another. Word will get out.


Enjoying London on a Budget After the COVID-19 Crisis

Are you planning a trip to London after the coronavirus crisis ends? You are probably looking for tips to save money during your stay, because London is such an expensive place to visit.

This article is exactly what you need! We will share the best tricks that most travelers don’t know, which will help you cut costs on your London holiday. Do you know the Meal Deal? Do you know what a charity shop is? What about capping? All these tips will help you save money traveling to London.

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London, the most expensive city in the world

According to statistics, London is one of the most expensive destinations in the world. Surprisingly, a vacation in the UK capital is more expensive than in New York or Hong Kong. The most expensive things in London are transport, food and shopping. However, if you know how to organize all of them you can save money. Accommodation is one of the most expensive things about traveling to London, which is why we have developed a whole article just to talk about this. Here you will find information about the best places to stay in London.

The fact that it is expensive should not be a reason to deprive you of getting to enjoy it since there are many ways to save money and have a great time in London. Here are some of the things you can do to cut costs on your trip to London.


Traveling on London’s public transport is very easy, but it is also one of the ways in which we lose a lot of money. Learning how to save on this can be a great starting point for making money last longer on holiday.

In order to save on transport, you should buy your tickets well in advance. To give you an idea, a normal train ticket from Stansted to London that is bought in advance can save you more than 65%. The same goes for the other airports. This means that if you secure your ticket for this journey well in advance, you will start saving money before you arrive in London. If you want to know all the means of transport available to make the transfers to the airport click here.

The subway is another thing you can save money on. Instead of buying a single ticket you can get the Oyster Card which will cost you less for the ride. In addition, with the Oyster Card you cannot spend more than £6.60 a day, as there is “capping”, which stipulates a maximum daily spending of £6.6 (zones 1 and 2). This means that if you have spent £6.6 in one day, the next trips you make will be free. Also, if you don’t have to travel to the other side of the city, we recommend you use the bus instead of the subway. If you have to take a short trip, you will go faster and it is cheaper. You can also buy a weekly or monthly travelcard (depending on how long you are going to stay in London) and start reducing your expenses there.

You have to know that in London, depending on the time you travel you will have to pay more or less. If you decide to use public transport during rush hours (which would be before 9.30 am and between 4 and 7 pm) the ticket will cost you more, so if you can avoid these hours, you already have another way to save money in London!

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How to save money on food in London?

This is one of the ways where you can save the most. In London there are many supermarkets like Asda, Tesco and Sansbury that are extremely accessible and where you can find very good products at low prices. In these supermarkets you will find the so-called “Meal Deal” (it costs between 3 and 4 pounds). Meal Deals are ideal for lunch and consist of a sandwich (they are quite large), a drink (there are juices, soft drinks etc…) and a snack or dessert of your choice. The snacks are small bags of potatoes, so we recommend that you get the desserts, which are usually bags of pre-cut fruit. This is one of the best ways to save on food in London: at midday, get a Meal Deal from the supermarkets. They are really good and very cheap.

Always order tap water

If you go out to eat, try to look carefully for the place. There are very good mid-price restaurants where you can save money without losing quality. You can visit our article on where to eat in London. But the best advice to save money is the one below. If you have lunch and dinner at a restaurant and you are going to drink water, you can ask for “tap water”, which is water from the tap and you will get it for free (most places serve it with lemon slices). It should be noted that the drinking water in London is great and you will save a lot of money.

Weight Loss

Myths to Debunk While Planning a Weight Loss Party

Weight loss parties have become a popular new trend. Our fellow blogger from At the Picket Fence held a party to celebrate losing 100 pounds. Many other people have parties to encourage weight loss.

Unfortunately, not every weight loss party is setup well. Some people that plan them don’t know what foods they should be bringing. They often bring foods that they think will encourage weight loss, which can backfire if they have the opposite effect.

You need to understand the most common myths about weight loss diets. You need to plan your party meals accordingly, so that you and your guests can lose weight safely.

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Common Myths to Avoid When Planning a Weight Loss Party

You need to avoid the most common dietary mistakes when planning a weight loss party. Some of the biggest misconceptions are listed below.

MYTH- “Certain foods burn fat and speed up your metabolism.

FALSE: There are no foods that burn fat, make you lose pounds faster or speed up your metabolism in such a way that you will lose weight more quickly.

MYTH- “Foods labeled ‘low-fat’ or ‘no-fat’ are always a healthy option. 

FALSE: Many of them may actually contain more sugar or sodium to compensate for the loss of flavor generated by reducing fat.

MYTH- “Eliminating snacks between meals will help you lose weight.

FALSE: Actually, when it comes to losing weight, the problem is not the snacks themselves, but what kind they are. Many people need to eat something between meals to maintain their energy levels.

MYTH- “If you’ve eaten everything and a lot at parties, you have to go on a very extreme diet.”

FALSE: Some weight-loss diets stand out for being extremely low in calories, which explains the initial weight loss. However, maintaining this style of eating is unsustainable over time, because the lack of nutrients will generate fatigue and difficulty concentrating. In addition, when the person returns to his or her usual diet, eventually there will be a “rebound effect” and they will experience weight gain.

MYTH- “Détox juices are the solution to overeating at parties”

FALSE: Fruit and vegetable consumption should ideally be in its natural form to take advantage of its fiber, vitamin, mineral and antioxidant content.

MYTH- “The banana is a forbidden food to lose weight”

FALSE: He’s got bad press. It is a food rich in fiber, potassium and magnesium, and it raises serotonin, which helps regulate appetite through satiety.  The insulin ion and leads to a greater accumulation of fat.

MYTH- “Por Salut cheese is the healthiest because it is lean and low in calories” 

FALSE: Under the label “por salut”, many believe that this is one of the ideal cheeses to accompany a diet, but its name comes from a monastery in France, in Port du Salut, and in its common version, it provides 25 gr. of fat and about 320 kcal per 100 gr, which is not little

MYTH- “Drinking plenty of fluids before a meal helps you lose weight” 

FALSE: Water alone does not provide satiety, nor do drinks in general. That is precisely the problem with soft drinks and wine, which provide a lot of calories and do not satisfy the appetite.

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Plan Your Weight Loss Party Carefully

You need to make sure that you follow the right practices when planning a party for weight loss. You and your guests will appreciate that you did your research and brought the right foods. You don’t want to make the mistake of bringing foods that are supposed to burn calories, because they never actually do.

Apps Health

Kinsa Smart Thermometer Demand Grows During COVID-19 Pandemic

Have you heard of the Kinsa smart thermometer? It is becoming highly popular these days. Keep reading to learn why it is so important.

The Kinsa smart thermometer is becoming a lot more popular during the COVID-19 crisis. Dr. Deborah Birx, Dr. Anthony S. Fauci and other experts predict millions will be infected and up to 100,000 people will die. Since fever is a major symptom of the disease, people are becoming more concerned about having their temperatures taken. Kinsa is making this easier.

There are a number of different smart thermometers. You can find out more on this page. But why is Kinsa so popular?

Why is the Kinsa Smart Thermometer so Popular?

Smart thermometers are becoming more important for our health. They are especially important today, as we face one of the worst virus pandemics in modern history.

The market for smart thermometers is growing rapidly. As it grows, a number of new smart thermometers are reaching the market.

Kinsa is a very popular new smart thermometer.  On one end, it looks like a traditional thermometer, while at the other end has a 3.5 mm connection like a hearing aid.  It is possible to transfer information to a smartphone and know more than just a patient’s body temperature.

Through an application, the user can anonymously share their symptoms on a patient, as well as their temperature.  The interesting thing about this is that it offers the potential to map practically in real time diseases in a block, a state or even an entire country and thus be prevented.

This information from the Kinsa thermometer can also be shared with our family doctor, so he can make a preliminary diagnosis, or call a nearby clinic for specialized medical care.

Potential clients of this new device are parents, who can join private groups as a social network to find out how many of their children’s classmates are sick and take twice as much orange juice or whatever other measures are necessary to avoid getting sick.

This year, Kinsa managed to collect a little more than 52 thousand dollars through the collective financing platform Indiegogo, money that was used to start the production of the smart thermometers. The prototype only works with iOS, although its developers say they are already working on an Android version.

When it arrives in stores, it will be necessary to see how many people prefer this thermometer to more traditional and painful methods.

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Kinsa is More Popular than the Xiaomi Alternative

Another alternative has reached the market. But the Kinsa thermometer is still the most popular.

A major Chinese firm continues to launch new gadgets beyond the mobile phones. We recently heard of a new version of their My Notebook Air, a new coffee machine, brand new lines of running shoes and even a smart scale. Now this Chinese company has reemerged with even more smart products.

The latest innovation they released is a thermometer that connects to our phone and gives us all the necessary information without having to rely on the small LCD screens that usually have this type of device. Once again, this smart thermometer from Xiaomi meets the company’s seal of approval, quality, great interaction with the mobile phone and is very cheap.

However, the new smart thermometer is still not as popular as the one from Kinsa. It has some limitations that need to be worked out.

This new intelligent thermometer from Xiaomi has a diameter of 17 millimeters and has a high thermal conductivity. It uses a stainless-steel temperature sensor, and is capable of measuring temperatures between 32 and 42 degrees Celsius, with an error tolerance of 0.1 degrees. The design of this thermometer is undoubtedly quite striking, and reminds us more of a Chromecast than the design of the traditional thermometer, a way by which the smaller ones could catch less mania for this type of object and be more receptive to having their temperature taken.

This smart thermometer from Xiaomi is waterproof with an IPX6 rating and has an adhesive that allows it to be attached to the body to take temperature. It always uses aseptic materials. It takes about 2.5 seconds to take a baby’s temperature, which is longer than the one from Kinsa. This thermometer has a bluetooth connection to synchronize the data with our phone through the My App. Temperature changes can be recorded on the phone and the thermometer has an acoustic signal that warns us if the temperature is at a dangerous level. It is still a fairly good smart thermometer, but is not as reliable as Kinsa so far.

This new smart thermometer will go on sale next May 18th at a price of only 12 euros, so it is really a very interesting device.